Commercial Kitchen Exhaust and Hood Cleaning

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“We Clean from Roof-Top to Cook-Top”

Taking Grease System Containment Cleaning to a Higher Standard – Hoodz of the Hudson Valley technicians are trained, qualified and certified in kitchen exhaust cleaning, repair and installation, so why call anyone else?  CALL 845-242-7232 TODAY and schedule a free consultation.

<Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning>

Here are some reasons why Hoodz of the Hudson Valley is best suited to be your vendor of choice for the kitchen exhaust system cleaning in your commercial kitchen:

It’s Our Job to Keep Your Kitchen Safe.

You have a business to run. It’s our job to keep your kitchen safe. Hoodz of the Hudson Valley ensures that your business operations are in compliance – whether you need a general assessment or a complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning, we have the experienced staff to do the job right – the first time and every time.

Our professionals are trained, qualified and certified to inspect, correct and service your kitchen exhaust system from roof-top to cook-top. Experience the HOODZ difference for yourself.

From Roof-Top to Cook-Top, We Clean the Entire System

HOODZ is a national authority in kitchen exhaust cleaning, and all our professional teams are trained to HOODZ processes and high quality standards. HOODZ separates itself from the competition by inspecting and cleaning the entire system beyond the hood, providing a complete photographic inspection of the cleaning, and by offering a true professional service at a competitive price.

Out Of Sight Is Not Out Of Mind

Grease from the kitchen travels into the hood, through the vent hood filters, into duct work that leads to the exhaust fan on the roof. Grease is a fuel that can ignite with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the attic and onto the roof in seconds causing severe damage and potential loss of life. The owner of the exhaust system has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the exhaust system is safe.

Picture Perfect Standard

Because all areas of the exhaust system become contaminated with grease, a properly trained, qualified, and certified exhaust cleaner should inspect and clean the entire system in accordance with NFPA the work yourself, photos are the best way to ensure your exhaust system is being maintained and properly cleaned. At HOODZ, we won’t just tell you it is clean, we’ll prove it. We do more than just take “before and after” photos; we provide you with a comprehensive report verifying that the work performed followed consistent, transparent, standardized procedures demonstrating the system has been inspected and cleaned according to the NFPA Standard-96.

Experience and Efficiency

HOODZ experience and efficiency allow us to keep our prices competitive, while ensuring quality of work. Our technical training staff has over 15 years of experience and all employees go through rigorous and continuous training. HOODZ has researched and invested in absolutely the best state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and degreasers. From our high-powered hot water pressure washers, to our magnetic duct scrapers, to our proprietary Eco-friendly degreasers, to our systematic techniques for securing the area while we clean, you will ultimately benefit from partnering with HOODZ because we not only clean better, we clean faster, and can prove it to you.

It’s not Just Important, It’s the Law! The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires the operators of commercial kitchens to adhere to certain, strict guidelines.

Licenses / Credentials

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